Functional Coaching

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Want to lead an authentic, happy and satisfied life?

Got an idea but feeling overwhelmed with where to start?

Old core beliefs stopping you in life?

Find satisfaction in who you are. Enhance all aspects of your life. Booking a life coach session is the first step to take action and start living your life more fully.

Sessions available in Wellington, New Zealand or online.


“One of Sharns’ many strengths is her professionalism. She approaches her clients with empathy and care. She has the ability to read a variety of situations with clarity and non-judgement, her de-escalation skills are commendable and her natural care and concern for others is always evident.”

"Sharn helped me realize that there was no such thing as a blueprint of success, but rather that success looked different for different people. Thus, it was important as Sharn would say to draw my map of what success looks like for me. To this day, I continue to go by this model. I have come to understand that well-being is so important to her which is why she is so intentional about it. Sharn is confident, full of empathy, and always speaks from a place of mana and aroha which is so encouraging."

"I would like to thank you immensely for all the empathy, care and tenderness as you coached me to look clearly into some of the blocks that I have put on myself. The breakthrough I had during our session has enabled me to move forward towards achieving my goals. I can't thank you enough!”

"Sharn's disarming nature generates a sense of safety and acceptance when in her presence. Her ability to work with me from where I was at with complete acceptance allowed the space for me to access my own innate wisdom to move forward towards my goals with ease."